Trigger a Full Crawl on SharePoint Online

Trigger a Full Crawl on SharePoint Online

Mikael Svenson wrote a cool script which will iterate all site collections, sites and sub-sites on your tenant to force a trigger of re-indexing / full crawl of all items on the next crawl.

In SharePoint Online we cannot force a full crawl via the admin user interface and thus have to iterate all sites and set a property in the property bag to accomplish the same task:

function processWeb($web) {

 $subWebs = $web.Webs

 Write-Host "Web URL:" $web.Url -ForegroundColor White
 if( $enableAllManagedProperties -ne "skip" ) {
 Set-AllManagedProperties -web $web -clientContext $clientContext -enableAllManagedProps $enableAllManagedProperties

 [int]$version = 0
 $allProperties = $web.AllProperties
 if( $allProperties.FieldValues.ContainsKey("vti_searchversion") -eq $true ) {
 $version = $allProperties["vti_searchversion"]
 $allProperties["vti_searchversion"] = $version
 Write-Host "-- Updated search version: " $version -ForegroundColor Green

 foreach ($subWeb in $subWebs)

This is needed for several search schema modifications, for example when you map crawled properties to managed properties.

The script also has a function to enable population of the ManagedProperties managed property for use with the SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool v2.

You can download the script here:

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