Vituity Organizational Policies

Practical Introduction to Microsoft 365 via Organizational Policies Pilot.

Vituity, a leading health care provider in the USA, with 25,000 employees reached out to Making Things Work for an intro to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

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Organizational Policies Pilot Project

Vituity, a leading health care provider in the USA, with over 25,000 employees reached out to Making Things Work for an introduction to Office 365 and SharePoint Online. As a means to dip their toes into the O365 platform, Vituity ran a pilot project along side their enterprise ramp-up & launch. The purpose of the pilot was to experience common features of the platform and become more familiar with its capabilities.

SharePoint Modern Team Site

The pilot solution included the creation of a modern SharePoint Team Site to hold all Organizational Policies, the migration of policies out of a legacy system / on-premises file share and into the cloud.


MTW delivered a search based solution for policies applying metadata for policy classification, business entity, category with a focus on presenting the correct policy to the correct audience. Policies were divided by both Organizational & Compliance and presented with Top Policies & Search on the homepage.

PnP Modern Search

The PnP Modern Search library was used to create a browse refine interface into organizational policies. The user interface is as functional on a mobile device, as it is on the desktop allowing physicians to browse policies on the go.

The Result

Having a better understanding of SharePoint Online, Vituity was able to move forward designing knowledge spaces. Knowledge Transfer played a key role in educating internal employees to DIY.

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