Over time most search environments grow, both in amount of content and number of users. At some point the search environment outgrows the capacity and performance of your search architecture.

Tuning the SharePoint Server Farm

We are tuning a SharePoint Server Farm for better search performance today. Microsoft has a great resource with some benchmarks & best practices here:

Redesign enterprise search topology for more content and users in SharePoint.

Important questions you need to answer:

  1. How much content do I have?
  2. What size search architecture should I scale to?
  3. Which hardware requirements should I be aware of?

Know where you need to go!

Keep in mind there are some huge farms listed here. Most SharePoint implementations will fall in the small/medium farm & performance #’s will differ greatly depending on hardware. We have four app servers, two web front ends, and SQL Server on dedicated hardware. We are indexing a LAN, SharePoint Sites, and a couple enterprise applications for a total of close to 40 million documents and crawling on average about 40 documents per second. We are hoping to improve this to closer to 100 documents.

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